Saturday, May 3, 2014

EVIM Volunteers create a Rock Garden

17 youths of EVIM Wiesbaden, Germany were over for a work week during the framework of their Voluntary Social Year. Together they constructed and shaped a rock garden on the slopes of the Gusterita property.
They worked hard and showed a lot of team spirit while laying the ground work for the future herb patches.
They mounted and repaired a number of donated bicycles and visited the old town of Sibiu as well.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Restauration of the Church Organ has been started off

The main parts of the church organ were removed and prepared for restauration from 28  to 30 April 2014.
At this point the organ offers some interesting perspectives: 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conditional Landscape - Japanese Artists' Exhibition

The Japan Foundation together with the Brukenthal Foundation sponsored two Japanese artists, Rie Kawakami und Tetsuro Kano to work in the Gusterita Fortified Church. Anca Mihulet, curator in the Brukenthal Museum Sibiu ran the six-week event. The artists' work were exihibited in a workshop atelier to the public. 

Poster at the school gate

Tetsuro Kano and his objects made from locally gathered materials

A page from Rie Kawakami's draft book
Rie Kawakami, artist from Sapporo, Japan spent six weeks in the Gusterita Fortified Church working and living there.  The light aspect around the 700-year-old church fascinated her, in the way it entered the church space through the Gothic-style windows. She worked her impressions into some of her creations of light penetrating the walls: pointed windows charcoal-sketched onto the circular wall and shadows indicated with crushed roof tiles on the grass. 

On the chancel exterior Rie presented a cone of light made from ancient roof slats, accentuating the alcoves which have been closed for centuries.

Gusterita parish members at the vernissage Image: Elfriede Dörr

Tetsuro Kano's workspace Image: Elfriede Dörr

Traces of light on the ancient circular walls
Cone of light initiating from closed alcoves. Image: Elfriede Dörr

Anca Mihulet with a group of Gusterita Roma children   Image: Elfriede Dörr

'Dog menacing man'.  Image: Elfriede Dörr

Children take a tour of the exhibition. Image: Elfriede Dörr

The vernissage

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sound Workshop in the Gusterita School

During the week preceding Easter a sound workshop took place in the old school. 14 Students from the German-language primary schools in Sibiu participated. The children crafted their own percussion instruments from recycling materials.
Additionally they had a lot of fun with the ifa-sponsored Mobile Playground and took an excursion to the the Gusterita Hills. There was a enthusiastic response from both children and parents to the 'fun-approach' of the event.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How do roots grow?

On 9 April 2014 -during the week of Scoala Altfel (school in another way) - the fourthgraders from School No 4 visited over at Gusterita and did some studies about the soil in our garden.
After an introductory walk across the property the children divided into two groups (according to natural inclination...): the boys dug up the ground to find small creatures living in the soil and specified them according to the number of legs and shape.
The girls took 'snapshots' of interesting details on the ground by framing them with sticks.
Then everyone did a root-growing activity by planting four peas into a clear plastic cup. The cup got a 'blindfold', shutting out the light, so the roots would grow straight down. After a few weeks it was easy to see that the roots grow down quite a bit before the plant sprouts its first leaves.
In the end, the entire class got to play on the Gusterita Mobile Playground, sponsored by ifa in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

School Garden Workshop for Brukenthal Students

Last weekend, 22 nine-graders of the Brukenthal Lyceum and their teacher Octavian Pop joined the project Schoolgarden Gusterita. Pastor Kilian Dörr led the workshop and Mark Redden contributed his expertise. Roswitha und Günter Scherer laid a helping hand as well on the part of the Evangelical Parish Gusterita.

The students visited the ateliers of artists Tetsuro Kano, Tokio and Rie Kawakami, Sapporo. The artists are working in the school building for six weeks.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Green Restoration for the Evangelical Church in Gusterita

This article (Romanian language) first appeared in the Tribuna newspaper on March 31:

The Lutheran Gusterita Church is a tourist attraction and a historic monument. For the first time ever there is a green restoration to be undertaken thanks to the cooperation of three parties: the Faculty of Agriculture (Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu), the Faculty for Architecture (University for Architecture and Urban Planning Ion Mincu, Bucharest) and the Evangelical Church Sibiu.
The initiative is being coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ing. Constantin-Horia Barbu, Dean of the Sibiu Faculty for Architecture. It started last Thursday when Mr Andreas Kipar, landscaping architect from Milan, Italy held a conference in the 'Center for Scientific Excellence (Lucian Blaga University) on the topic of Integration of Historic Monuments into Present Urban Planning. Mr Kipar presented a series of innovative ideas and used the region of Karst, Croatia for an example.
Most pertinent for Sibiu, however, was the presentation of a long-term project of restoration and improvement of the Evangelical Church in Sibiu's Gusterita, involving the above-mentioned institutions.
The theories presented were then realised in the field. The students of both faculties could learn how to embed valuable architecture in urban as well as in landscaping contexts. He pointed out how a historic church may be reflected in the surrounding greeneries.
Karl Hann im Gespräch

Karl Hann, Romanian-Canadian agricultural expert, gave comprehensive and useful advice. He brings his rich experience in the field of ecological farming to this project and will be coordinating the work in the church surroundings.

Additionally, Pastor Kilian Dörr, his wife Dr. Elfriede Dörr, Associate Professor Dr. Liviu Gligor (Faculty of Architecture) were present, as well as many more faculty members and a large number of students.

Studenten machen Feuchtigkeitsproben